Texans: Know Your Fair Housing Rights

a barn house painted like a Texas flag

The Texas Workforce Commission’s Civil Rights Division (CRD) works to stop housing discrimination in the state by educating the public and by enforcing fair housing laws. CRD recently released several informational videos to help housing consumers understand what housing discrimination is, what to expect if a fair housing complaint is filed and the mediation process. The Fair Housing Act says housing providers cannot treat housing consumers differently because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, or disability. To learn more about what housing discrimination is and how to file a complaint, please review the video below.

Know your Rights: What is Housing Discrimination?

The best way to promptly resolve a discrimination complaint is through mediation. If the parties cannot agree to mutual terms to settle the complaint, the complaint will be investigated. To learn more about CRD’s mediation process, please review the video below.

In collaboration with Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, CRD will present free fair housing presentations as part of Fair Housing Month in April. For more information on fair housing, go to the CRD page on the Texas Workforce Commission website.