New program in Texas prison gives female inmates opportunities

“I was brought in in shackles and released in shackles. Today, for my graduation ceremony, I walked in the front door like everyone else—a free woman, only this time I have a college certificate and an industry certification,” said Casey Brem, 35 of Midland, wiping tears from her face.
A graduating inmate looking to the left with a Nelson Mandela quote that reads, 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.'
200 Incarcerated Students Receive Associates Degrees from the Lee College Huntsville Center
It’s Never Too Late.
A middle-aged adult male student studying on his laptop in a college library
Expanding Texas Adult Education Opportunities
Public and community college libraries serve in a variety of capacities for Texas residents, providing community focu
Adult male student raising his hand in a classroom of other adult learners
Aligning education + employment for adult learners
Integrating adult learners into postsecondary education and training programs is one of the many ways that the Texas
Woman learning how to weld at a technical college
TWC Supports Career Pathway Expansion
In less than a single college semester, Texas adults can move from lacking basic employment skills to being on track