5 Things Texas Veterans should do when looking for a Civilian Job

A veteran shaking an HR manager's hand during an interview

When you’re transitioning out of your active duty military role and into civilian life, we know that becoming a veteran can be scary, uncertain territory. You may be wondering, “Can I have a regular job after leaving the military?” “How hard is it to find a job after the military?” or “How can returning Veterans get jobs?”

The good news is that the Texas Workforce Commission has created an incredible program called “Texas Operation: Welcome Home”. This program exists to provide you with everything you need to successfully transition into civilian life. 

Veterans, like yourself, can get help with every aspect of leaving the military. We can help convert your military experience into real work experience, connect you with civilian employers and companies that hire Veterans, assist with resume writing, and so much more. If you’re already interested in connecting with a veteran who can help, email blair.mosely@twc.state.tx.us. If you’re a self-starter, read on! 

5 Things Texas Military Veterans should Do when looking for a Civilian Job 

1. Follow these social media pages for Veteran-only tips 

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) is the best place to find the most recent information from the best sources! These pages often post links to job fairs, military news, civilian life tips, and more! Check out and follow:  

2. Convert your military experience into a degree 

What civilian careers are a good fit for Veterans?  

How do you convert your army, navy, coastal guard, or air force training into the bachelor’s degree you need to start your job? You know you have deep experience in your military field, but how do you get civilian businesses to recognize your accomplishments? How do you convert your experience to fit the requirements of a job description?  

Convert your experience into a degree with our College Credit for Heroes program!  

Get started here →  

3. Use these key tips for a military to civilian resume 

How do you align your military career with civilian credentials? Resume writing can feel tricky, but we can help.  

  1. Include a cover letter. 
    Make sure you have a cover letter that is customized for each employer that you plan to apply with. This should be a heart-felt letter that describes why you are excited to be a great fit for the job. Also, include an example of an experience that helps you connect with this job. Be sure to show how this experience makes you well adjusted and perfect for the position you’re applying for! 
  2. Include your contact information, plus an email address. 
    Providing your email address shows that you’ve adjusted to civilian systems and communication styles. 
  3. Include every promotion. 
    Your promotions are similar to civilian promotions and job changes! Be sure to show off how long you held these positions, and be sure to spell out what you accomplished and what you were responsible for in each rank. 
  4. Include education from before and during your military service. 
    Some employers can understand how your experience translates to a degree, so be sure to include any formal training you took part in! 
  5. Don’t use military lingo or acronyms. 
    Remember, you may have to explain your experience in a way that makes sense to someone outside of the military; pretend you’re talking to your teenage self. 

4. Attend Texas’ largest Veteran job fair 

Each November, 31 locations around Texas host a job fair on one single date that includes 2,100+ Veteran employers who are looking to hire you! Since we’ve started this annual event, businesses have hired over 2,027 Veterans on the spot, and a total of 84,153 Veterans and spouses. 

This is your biggest chance of connecting with the best companies that work with and for ex-military service members! Be sure to bring your resume and dress for success! 

 Find out more about this year’s Hiring Red, White, and You! event here → 

5. Apply at Veteran-friendly companies now 

If you can’t wait until November to land your dream job and begin your career path, check out this list of 100 Businesses in Texas that Hire Veterans or the 2,100 businesses around the state that hire Veterans!  

All of these businesses hire Veterans year round! Check out their websites, look for their career page, and apply for jobs that fit your experience! 

We hope this guide has helped you find your footing! If not, get connected with someone who can help you, 1-on-1!