How Texas Partners with Colleges to Provide College Credit for Veterans

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) recently announced the expansion of College Credit for Heroes project, awarding $800,000 to support five new accelerated accreditation programs, expanding the projects reach with new education partners and better meeting the needs of veteran students.
A tan piece of paper covered in light brown arrows. There are dark brown arrows that form a clear path.
Combining WIT & TWIST
It’s finally happening!
male nurse with female nurse apprentice
The Healthcare Job Market In Texas
We've recently completed some research on the supply and demand picture of healthcare jobs in Texas, as best we can s
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Workplace Trends In 2014
Wondering what the workforce world might look like next year?
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Job Hunting: If It Sounds Too Good...
Unfortunately, one thing you can usually count on are a few bad apples willing to take advantage of the rest of us.
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Twitter For Job Search? Yes!
You don’t always hear Twitter described as a job search tool, but it can be.
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Five Job Search Myths
Whether you’re just starting your job search or you've been at it a while, I’m sure you know there are plenty of pote
An African American job seeker shaking hands with a hiring manager
Job Seeker or Job Finder
How many times do you remember hearing your parents/teachers/coaches/job counselors say "it's all about your attitude
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