Why WorkInTexas?

Someone asked me the other day to forget for a moment that I work for the public workforce system and answer: If I we
A hand holding a pen that is filling out an unemployment benefits form
Helpful Info about Unemployment Benefits
If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of needing to file for unemployment insurance benefits, you know it can
tech people learning in front of computer
Part of the Skills Gap
The Changing Landscape: Skills Gap It used to be that mastery of the 3 R’s (reading, writing, and arithmeti
A crowd of people wearing graduation caps with a yellow tassel
It's Graduation Time
Graduation is wonderful time as people of all ages get to see educational goals realized.
federal job businessman standing in front of government building with pillars
Thinking About Federal Jobs?
Are you looking for a federal job that offers national exposure, reliable benefits, and job security?
multiple generations of employees working together
The Job Search By Age: Rules For Each Demographic
The job search can be tough no matter what a seeker's skill level or area of expertise.
A zoomed out, drone aerial view of hundreds of people connected by black lines
More Workforce Data
For those that don't know, Workforce is second only to baseball in its love affair with data.
three employees working in the tech field on a computer
Changing Tides: Workplace Trends
So many things have changed in the workplace over the last few years it’s hard to even know where to start talking ab
A close-up of a resume that displays the experience section of the resume
The Modern Resume
Scan the internet and you’ll find no shortage of information about how searching for a job has changed.
A male veteran and woman looking at a computer screen
A Resource For Veterans
As many did this past weekend, we too took time to salute all our US Military personnel and veterans for their sacrif
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