STEM Jobs In Texas

A white microscope with a person looking through the view scope

If you’ve paid any attention to news over the last few weeks you’ve probably heard talk about STEM jobs, those in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We’ve had a question or two ourselves and thought it would be a good time to mention a few recent studies on the subject and a few tips about finding those jobs in

First, generally speaking, STEM jobs are technical jobs requiring some level of specialized education and/or training and for which there is now or is anticipated to be in the future a lack of a qualified applicant pool for employers. Said another way, STEM jobs are good jobs, and if you have or can get the skills to do them, you probably won’t face too much competition to get one. And when we say they’re good jobs, if we’re talking about pay, a recent study by EMSI estimates the average pay difference, just in Texas, between STEM jobs and non-STEM jobs is a little over $16/hr. Additionally, a recent study by Georgetown University’s Center On Education and the Workforce found that, again just in Texas, about 1/3 require no more education than an Associate degree (keep in mind, we’re talking technical, good-paying, jobs attainable without the time or expense of a 4 or more year degree), and almost half (46%) are in the IT field.

For job seekers, to find STEM jobs in, use the Job Posting Browse-Text option search for the term “STEM.”  And for additional listings, you might consider searching specific job titles using the Hot Careers search. For employers, to mark your jobs as STEM jobs, you can include the term in your job description or add it as a Keyword when creating your posting. Either way, this will allow job seekers looking for those careers to easily find you and your opportunities.