Who Can Help You Find A Job?

Two people shaking hands, viewed in aerial view from the top down

I came across an article yesterday about how the workforce system can help people get jobs, and I’d like to share that as our post for this week. It was written and posted by Angela Colley of Money Talks News. It begins by talking about BLS’s latest employment figures but then transitions into trying to answer the question; if you’re looking for work, who can help you, and how? And interestingly enough, the help she describes is a list of 7 things the public workforce system does (can do) to assist people looking for work.

As a point of clarification, generally speaking the workforce system does not get people jobs; that is, we can’t make hiring decisions for employers, they have to do that themselves. And even though our success is measured in terms of how many people get jobs, our real contribution is doing everything we can to ensure that the folks that come to us and that we’re working with are ready to go to work, informed about how and where to find jobs, and are pointed to the right people and places for specific jobs we know about and are a good fit.

Don’t get me wrong, it is slightly more complicated than that, but for my purpose here, boil it all down and that’s what we do: assess, prepare, and direct. We can get you in the door, but you’re the only one who can really “get” you that job. So have a read. And if you or someone you know is looking for work, give the Texas Workforce System/Texas Workforce Solutions a chance.

The 7 things detailed in the article ARE what we do for job seekers: all day, every day. Click here to find a workforce solutions office near you.