Twitter For Job Search? Yes!

A college girl holding a coffee and looking at her smart phone on a pink background

You don’t always hear Twitter described as a job search tool, but it can be. It can connect you with employers, with their employees, professional groups, and help build your online profile. And don’t let general perceptions and connotations about social media scare you off: if you’re looking for a job, it is definitely a resource to consider investing some time in. First – Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook, and others, employers recruit from Twitter and some even advertise their jobs there. Check it out.

Search for specific terms related to the type of work you want, employers you want to work for, professional groups who operate in the industries in which you want to work, etc. By establishing solid professional relationships with your interests and followers, you can build a name for yourself online. Second – Take advantage of hashtags (#). Hashtags are essentially flags added to keywords to make them stand out/easier to find. There are tons of hashtags in use related to job search; below is a list of some of the more popular ones. Just type any one of these into the search field and you’ll instantly get specific and relevant content.

Best Hashtags for Using Twitter to Find Jobs

#workintexas, #wkdev, #career, #careerchat, #careersuccess, #employment, #greenjobs, #hirefriday, #hiring, #HR, #jobhuntchat, #joblisting, #jobopening, #jobs, #jobsearch, #jobtips, #recruiting, #resuchat, #training

Finally, here are some additional resources you might find helpful if you’re curious about Twitter and its advantages.

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Happy tweeting.