The Value of Job Search Skills

A woman searching for a job on her smartphone and laptop computer

A recent study by professors at Penn State found that job seekers who learn how to search for a job are 2.67 times more likely to get one than those who don’t. The study looked at data from more than 9,500 job seekers in nearly 50 job search classes and training programs. The job search skills taught in these programs included identifying job leads and presenting one's self well in resumes and job interviews.

The odds of getting hired increased even more if the job search training included motivational aspects, such as social support (4.27 times), goal setting (4.67 times), and proactivity (5.88 times higher). Lack of job search skills, rather than lack of occupational skills, is a key factor in job search failure, according to the researchers. Job search training "could become more effective by combining both skill development-focused and motivation enhancement-focused techniques," said the researchers. - “But I know how to look for a job.” Do you?

Like everything else, the job market changes, as do the way people get into it. In fact, the people business might be second only to technology in terms of ongoing reinvention. Sure, general themes remain, but when you’re competing against many others as skilled and motivated as you, you owe yourself (and deserve) every little advantage. - “Ok, so how do I “learn” how to search for a job?”

We’re not talking about formal training. It’s usually a case of brush up on this and get a tip or three about current trends. And your nearest Workforce Solutions Office can be a great resource as they offer classes and seminars on searching for a job, interviewing, resume writing, using, and many other topics. Friends and family can help too. Find out what they know, what they see and hear, what HR departments at their places of employment are seeing and doing.  And, check out other posts on this site and other blogs and publications/forums/groups focused on employment tips and trends. Job search is about competitive advantage and every little bit counts. Good luck.