Combining WIT & TWIST

A tan piece of paper covered in light brown arrows. There are dark brown arrows that form a clear path.

It’s finally happening! (WIT) and The Workforce Information System of Texas (TWIST-the state’s case management system) are being combined in a single application via a project currently known as Common Components.

For job seekers and employers, you won’t notice much change in terms of applications. The biggest difference will be  our quality of service. Workforce solutions staff will be able to take a more holistic approach in providing services using logical and integrated work-flows. And they’ll be better equipped to understand and address unique individual needs, whether they’re related to training or jobs or something else.

For staff, you will see a big difference, and that difference starts with a web-based system. This new application will be more intuitive and “smarter,” to provide you a better view of each customer, thereby helping you  better serve all customers. Common Components will merge staff functions found in both systems (registration/intake, eligibility, services, etc.), and while it will not yet completely replace both systems, it does put us on the road to that eventual end.

This project will take about 18 months to complete and will provide a seemingly single application that (to the greatest extent possible) easily and seamlessly interacts with what’s left of WIT (self-service and job matching functions) and TWIST (case management-specific functions). The overall goal of the project is simply to modernize applications and improve local service delivery. This will be accomplished by consolidating common business processes with consistent business rules, ensuring data security and integrity, reducing infrastructure support requirements and stability risks, and eliminating repetitive data entry and data reconciliation. It will also improve customer information collection via a common interface for common functions, and it will save future development time and costs when new functionality and program changes are necessary.

For staff, one more thing you might want to know is that we’re looking for some help in naming this new application. Your first chance to contribute a suggestion will be at the 2014 TWC Annual Conference. There will be other opportunities too, but if you’re in Grapevine this week for the conference, please stop by the Workforce Systems booth in the exhibit hall and give us your best shot.