The Healthcare Job Market In Texas

male nurse with female nurse apprentice

We've recently completed some research on the supply and demand picture of healthcare jobs in Texas, as best we can see it. Of course Registered Nurses are THE in-demand job in the state, but what of the rest of that industry? If you or someone you know is thinking about getting into this medical field, the information below might be a good read.

First, US News recently published an article on the best healthcare jobs in the country. The ranking is generally based on growth projections with a link to more info about specific duties, pay, and even a list of available jobs in your area.

Second is our research information. Different than the article above, ours is based on real-time data that paints a picture of what the market is right now in terms of supply (job seekers who want those jobs) and demand (those jobs that need to be filled), per two different data sources. (To fully understand the market, projections and real-time data are equally valuable and necessary.)

  • The first is Help Wanted Online (HWOL) which we use to, generally speaking, see the full state-wide demand picture. HWOL tracks jobs posted anywhere online and pulls them all together. And by analyzing that data we can create pictures of: overall demand for healthcare jobs (slide 1); trends (slide 2); know where the jobs are (slide 3); know whose hiring (slide 4); even figure out what non-healthcare jobs are being hired by employers (slide 5).
  • The second is, from which we get much more information about the jobs but also a picture of the supply, something HWOL doesn't provide. And from that we can create pictures of: number of people seeking professional healthcare jobs (slide 6); top 15 available & in-demand skill sets (slide 7 & 8); and a side-by-side comparison (slide 9).

Healthcare Job Market in Texas - Slides I hope you find this useful.