The Welding Job Market In Texas

A man welding metal

Similar to a post we did a few weeks ago, we've recently completed some research on the supply and demand picture of welding jobs in Texas. We know these jobs are always in-demand, though maybe more-so recently due to the oil & gas boom in the region, but we were curious to understand that extent, where those jobs were showing up, for whom, and what kind of known labor-supply Texas has to meet that demand.

We again used Help Wanted Online (HWOL) as our demand data source and as our supply source. All the same notes and caveats that applied to the healthcare research also apply here. Looking at these two things together there appears to be roughly 1 welding job for every 1 person looking for a welding job. That's a very simple analysis of course, but keep in mind the purpose of this exercise was ballpark perspective, not clinical analysis. Also, different from healthcare, many of these welding jobs are not actually performed in the same location where they are posted. For example, Company A may be located in Houston with many welder jobs shown there, but the job sites are in the oil and gas fields of south and west Texas.

I hope you find this useful. Feel free to ask questions via the Comments section.